Being happy is the best culture

Culture is what you breathe every day, it's what makes you feel
part of and that helps you be happy. Each and every one of us contributes to creating an incredible place to work!

Our Culture

Why WES?

We strongly believe in the quality of our relationships both with our clients and our collaborators. That's why we put these two actors at the center of the stage as the most important ones.

We are oriented towards both our clients and our teams.

We are a company that, despite our years of experience, remains young and fresh. We care about happiness and experience of everyone we interact with.

We have created a work environment where the concept of a team is embraced while also empowering each individual. We have been able to add significant value to a large number of client companies thanks to building a strong and dynamic culture based on happiness.

How do we make

Making decisions is one of the most challenging part of our day-to-day operation. That's why we make them while keeping in mind where we are and where we want to be.

We make decisions as a team, listening to opinions and suggestions, and prioritizing the collective well-being over individual interests.

In addition, we foster a participatory culture where everyone feels comfortable contributing their ideas without losing sight of the organizational strategy.

What makes us stand
out and unique

Here are some things you should know about life at WES:

  1. We are collaborative, competitive, respectful, close, friendly and resourceful.
  2. We work enjoying what we do.
  3. We reach agreements and avoid imposition.
  4. We seek the group benefit over the individual.
  5. We encourage team growth and integration, using the word «we» when referring to our achievements and successes.
  6. We always prioritize a good work environment, based on effective communication among all parties.

Our activities

An important part of our culture are the activities we carry out throughout the year.

Some of them are team-building activities, while others are aimed at simply getting together to celebrate our successes.

For example, our lunches and after-work events to celebrate achievements and special occasions.

We also play UNO.

We celebrate our birthdays, organize our annual end-of-year dinner , and also promote virtual rooms to include our remote collaborators.

We incorporate three activities into our calendar that have become classics: HalloWES, our Summer Camp at the beginning of the year and the WES Planning where we plan our annual Goals and Objectives.

Our way of working

We have created our own work methodology based on the use of agile practices , which allows different teams to generate strategic planning dynamics for each key activity.

In addition to this, we use digital tools that enable collaborative work and facilitate task management, exchange of opinions, and more.

Furthermore, the management team is highly committed to organizational development, actively participating in the creation, review, and implementation of all work dynamics.

Our people

We are proud of our people. That's why we promote the professional development of our talents so that they can expand their skills, acquire new ones, and grow in their areas of work.

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Our Values

We work until we achieve our goals, giving our best. We love what we do and carry out our tasks with enthusiasm and heart. But, above all, we believe in closeness and in building relationships that go beyond the workplace.


Constantly seek to exceed expectations. be extraordinary.


Being committed both with the heart and with the mind.


Building relationships and developing trust by sharing and supporting each other.


Creating value through analysis, creativity, and embracing change.

Our Mission

Improve our environment through technology. We are going to improve the way we do business, the way we relate, our way of living.

Our Vision

Be recognized as an international IT company of excellence, which provides high quality products and services through innovative technological solutions. We see ourselves as a high-level company committed to improving our environment.  

Fundacion WES

We have established a non-profit foundation to enable thousands of people to improve their quality of life through education and employment in the field of Technology.

There are individuals who, due to socio-economic, cultural, gender, or physical limitations, cannot access a better quality of life. At the same time, there are tens of thousands of job positions in Latin America that remain unfilled due to a lack of qualified talent.. Fundacion WES serves as the bridge between these two points. We connect individuals with study scholarships, provide ongoing support and guidance, and link them to the job industry.

Learn about the volunteers program!

Check out our Blog

Welcome to the brand new WES Blog. Here you can find valuable information, news, and updates about our company, as well as the latest in the world of technology and business.