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WES Studios provides great value to those companies that seek profitability through the right treatment of information they collect, digitization and innovation in their processes and methodologies, as well as those that are committed to quality and continuous improvement. 
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BPM/A: Business Process Analysis, Modeling and Automation

The path to growth for any company.

With these business process solutions, we help companies improve through the organization and digitization of their internal processes. This way, they can achieve greater profitability, work efficiency, mitigate errors and operational issues, and have better tracking of everything happening within the organization.

  • We handle projects from beginning to end.

  • Customized budgets and implementation adjusted to our customers timelines.

RPA: Robotic Process Automation

RPA Automation.

We implement a set of process and task automation solutions through robots or software procedures that allow said tasks to be carried out without human intervention.

In this way we achieve error reduction, quality increment, costs reduction, and process standardization encouragement.

BI: Business Intelligence

Value-driven insights from data.

Having information that helps us make better decisions is essential. With the implementation of Business Intelligence (BI), we can obtain valuable insights from data through data processing, reports generation, dashboards, and various high-level presentations to steer the company's strategic direction.

DevOps: A philosophy of improvement

Faster and higher quality software cycles.

We implement a constantly evolving framework and philosophy that promotes better application development in less time and the rapid release of new or revised software features or products for customers.

QA/A: Test Automation

Continuous and automatic quality.

We propose the implementation and automation of test cases that allow our clients to ensure and guarantee quality in all software development processes. This way, our team becomes a strategic and crucial ally in achieving the set objectives.

Today it is more important than ever to have a QA Automation team in every software development project.