Business processes upkeep for Grupo Casino Libertad

We were invited to participate in the business process maintenance project for the client Grupo Casino Libertad. We provided server administration, support, development, and active maintenance service for business processes implemented with IBM BPM technologies. Managed processes include integrations with accounting systems through web services, databases, data warehousing, and document management with SharePoint and IBM Document Store.

1. Application server administration (on-premise, on IBM Power 7 infrastructure).
2. BPM Engine configuration and support.
3. Process management.
4. Technical support.
5. Support and enhancement of 3 commercial management and administration processes of medium and high complexity.
6. Support, guidance, and resolution of incidents during the productive rollout of a critical process developed by third parties, and the implementation of required improvements/optimizations during this stage.

The service includes a maintenance team composed of several resources with experience in the technologies used, and has been led by the same specialist from the beginning to the present.