TRM System implementation for KForce

Through planning and execution of various processes in the cloud, all the solutions for the new system required by the client were designed,which allowed them to use Azure resources on Serverless methodologies. This included the use of multiple communication mechanisms between Azure resources (Service Bus, Event Hub, Event Grid, API Manager), and monitoring of their status (App Insights, OMS). Next, monitoring and mitigation actions were carried out. Indeed, multiple monitoring systems, alarms, and mitigation processes were implemented on Azure, through Serverless 360. This allowed the automation of possible problems and known system errors. The error mitigation system was integrated into the customer complaint management system, to automate the tasks of assigning problems to the corresponding technicians, as well as the generation of training articles on solutions, and the generation of problem reports. As a result, the client was able to move their functions to a state-of-the-art system, gradually and seamlessly. In the same period, the client was able to implement a suite of processes and protocols for a better management of problems, maintenance, and gradual improvements, of all its systems.