Development pipeline enhancements for PwC

Development pipeline enhancements for PwC
We were invited to participate in the project to improve the development pipeline for PwC client. In partnership with our technology partner, we streamlined the development processes for their digital products and the cloud architecture of their solutions. After completing the initial assessment, the following actions were implemented:
1. Rolled out an update to all modules and resources from Terraform v0.11 to v0.12, using Terraform Enterprise.
2. The deployment process was integrated into Azure DevOps using Terraform Enterprise.
3. New security policies were implemented using Terraform.
4. Security policies in Azure were received and processed by the specialized team.
5. Compliance reports generation was carried out using Azure.
6. An infrastructure deployment pipeline was implemented and configured in Azure.

The client now has a modern and secure deployment system, which can be easily scaled thanks to the implemented improvements. Subsequently, deployment pipeline templates were created to meet the following requirements:
- Creation of environments based on Terraform in different subscriptions.
- Server configuration using Ansible.
- Deployment of security policies.

Used technology
1. Terraform.
2. Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Configuration Manager.
3. Pipelines: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery: Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab, Bitbucket Ci, Github CI.
4. Cloud: AWS , Azure, Google Cloud.
5. Integrations: SonarQube, Selenium, Unit Test.